Happy New Year stock take in 2016

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Catherine Ash-Vie

So the Christmas rush over, I can now take stock and decide what's priority for 2016.

The display at Nick Cox Chandlery looked great and was well placed right next to the cash till. Matt and Lizzie did a great job of getting me some feedback and catering to the last minute buyers (all men of course!).

One great story; Liz said she was within a whisker of closing the sale for a silver block, but the guy eventually decided to buy the 2016 Almanac for his wife's present!! oh well, there's no telling some people :-)

Next thing now, I am going to treat the Harken delegates who are going to the Harken World Conference in Bermuda in April 2016.  They will each get a piece of C'est La Vie Harken jewellery as a gift. I think it will be ideal for these Harken distributors to get a miniature charm-sized winch, winch handle or block; all engraved in fine detail with the Harken logo.  Perhaps this will spark some interest in the marine world internationally!  More on this story later.