Dinghy Show 2019

Publicado en marzo 15, 2019 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Dinghy Show 2019

Amazing buzz from this Show - and very ready to look at jewellery as a break from the hard core sailing stuff!!

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Turks Head knot - work in progress

Publicado en mayo 17, 2018 by Catherine Ash-Vie

The 3 strand ring is the most difficult!

3rd pass weave - Turks Head ring

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Reef Knot Necklace

Publicado en marzo 19, 2018 by Catherine Ash-Vie

I can't make enough of these elegant, smooth and heavy chains - the detailed work that goes into every knot makes them unique.

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Turks Head Knots

Publicado en febrero 19, 2018 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Turks Head knotted ring

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Fashion Show at RSYC featuring C'est La Vie Jewellery

Publicado en octubre 05, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Nautical jewellery at a nautical yacht club!

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Monaco Show - Prize Draw! with Rightboat

Publicado en septiembre 22, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Rightboat - Prize Draw at Monaco Yacht Show; 27-30 September 2017

Silver charm necklaces

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Win! A set of 'His n Hers' Harken jewellery

Publicado en septiembre 16, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Win! a set of my Harken block jewellery at the Southampton Boat Show this week.


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