J111 - miniature silver yacht

Publicado en abril 24, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

The J111 has such a lovely lean profile, so I was very happy to be commissioned to make a miniature in silver.

     My problems came when trying to model the keel and rudder, because they were so delicate.  So I had to make them oversize in the clay model, cast in silver at home, and then re-shape and refine the keel and rudder because re-casting from this new metal model.

I also had a bright idea to solder the mast and sails.  My problems with these is just trying to locate each small part very accurately and with a close fit for the solder.  In the end I decided to use the casting (Delft) sand to make a 'jig' to hold the hull, mast and sails in position while I soldered.  This actually worked well - but gave off horrible noxious fumes under the open soldering flame!

I have also decided to try and get the whole boat - hull and sails, cast as one piece. So I have sent it off to Merrell Casting to get it professionally moulded and cast.  I'm keen for this to work, as it will make doing another yacht much simpler.