So how do you pronounce C'est La Vie?!

Publicado en marzo 01, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

How do you pronounce this name, and what it is anyway??

Pronounced - "say la vee"

C'est la vie is French for 'That's the life' or 'it's the life' - so that works well when you consider that I am combining the best of my work and leisure and location and pouring it all into this new venture. Sailing, Harken and our seaside holiday location on the Solent.

Of course, my name is also Vie; so it is a pun on 'That's the Vie'.

And, when you don't see it written down it also sounds like 'Sailor Vie' - which is me as well!

So it's perfect, don't you think? :-)