Tying knots in silver! The Reef Knot story

Posted on ottobre 28, 2015 by Catherine Ash-Vie

Tying knots to make a silver chain is very satisfying, but probably the most labour intensive of the pieces in my range. The result is a beautiful, flexible, sailor's chain that is simple, elegant and easy to wear day or night.

First start with the silver wire - I use 1.5mm diameter, which is large for chain making, and makes it hard on the fingers! but you get a lovely heavy feeling bracelet.

First solder some oval rings, then bend to shape, (the home made jig helps), knot each one into the other, bend to fix the knot, and put together into a chain - not forgetting lots of sanding, soldering, and polishing as well of course!

Reef knot jig                Reef knot stages