About Us - Cathy and Andy Ash-Vie

6mtr 'Wildcat IV'

We met sailing - well, of course, sailing is our passion and has shaped our lives.  If it wasn't for that ultimate wet, windy and exciting sport I wouldn't have fell in love with my perfect partner Andy, who is my business mentor, yacht designer and helm.  Through sailing we also met Peter Harken, who has been an inspiration to us both and resulted in us setting up Harken UK.

Sailing, Harken and business have now combined in the crucible of creativity (if I may wax lyrical for one moment!) and has created my new passion for nautical jewellery.


I am in the unique position of being able to create authentic, accurate and detailed Harken miniatures, and having a yacht designer on hand ensures that each hand carved yacht is true to its lines.

Every charm has been individually designed and professionally cast in sterling silver.  I then painstakingly file, sand, polish and fashion them into jewellery pieces.

Every yacht is researched to obtain its line drawings, scaled down, and then hand carved in modelling clay.  This master is then used to cast the sterling silver hull. After filing and sanding it to a perfect finish, I solder in the mast and attach the sails. Each sail is hand cut and brush finished to provide a contrasting texture, and completed with hand engraved personalised sail numbers.  Phew! it's quite a labour of love, but it is a unique, personal treasure that will last a lifetime.


We're very fortunate to be situated in the heart of the sailing world, on the south coast of England in Lymington, with Cowes and the Solent at our door.  And our Harken connections take us to all the sailing venues in the world - USA, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. Our favourites, of course, are sunny, sleepy Keyhaven and gorgeous Pewaukee.

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I'd love to get your feedback - tips on the next product or collections, nice comments on my pieces and, of course, constructive criticism!

Cathy Ash-Vie
6 Hazel Road, Pennington, Lymington, UK, SO41 8GS
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C'est La Vie Jewellery Ltd; registration# 9727412; address 6 Hazel Road, Lymington, Hampshire, UK, SO41 8GS