Moody 34 - minature silver yacht

Posted on aprile 05, 2017 by Catherine Ash-Vie

This little Moody is so beautiful - a proper miniature yacht! It is difficult for me to part with my creations - but this one was commissioned and has John's personal sail number on it. Very unique and special!

The hull is modelled from clay with the help of lots of drawings and photos to get the lines just right. Plus I get my yacht designer husband, Andy, to critique the shape before I cast it.  I think it's important that they are as true to form as possible, so that someone can have their own boat rather than a generic yacht shape.

I sand cast the hull at home in my shed; great fun playing with molten metal!

One of the trickiest parts is adding the rig as the sails and mast are much less dense than the hull, so are apt to melt when you try to solder them together.  Add to that the difficulty of accurately positioning and balancing all the pieces together long enough to solder!

The sail number is another discipline. I think engraving at this scale is almost beyond me with my hand held engraver! But I can't yet justify a laser engraver of my own! It is still cool to be able to have your own sail number on your silver yacht though.