Reef Knot Necklace

Posted on 3月 19, 2018 by Catherine Ash-Vie


I almost can't make enough of these elegant, smooth and heavy chains - even at this end of the price range they are so popular.

I guess everyone immediately sees just how much work and skill goes into it. Each half knot is formed into a loop, soldered and individually sanded before forming the shape and 'knotting' it with the second loop to fashion the full reef knot.  It is still difficult sometimes to make sure the solder join is robust enough to withstand the knot forming.

After that each joining oval is soldered closed to form the chain. And every solder join has to be sanded and polished individually.

The fastener is very clever as it is hidden in the charm feature. The shackle makes an obvious closure - it is a perfect replica of a Harken bow shackle, cast in silver and polished smooth.

But it is the winch handle closure that makes me smile. A perfect little replica of the Harken classic Speedgrip winch handle, which acts brilliantly as a bar and loop closure.